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I sincerely welcome you to my private studio and look forward to working with you. This is a business designed for the instruction of singers, speakers, and clients in need of voice rehabilitative services. The studio is open to all persons regardless of vocal level. I welcome all students including transgender individuals and I do my best to provide the highest quality instruction in a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere. Because I want to ensure everyone's success it is important that every student agree to the policies below:

Free Consultations

Free Consultations are required for entrance into the studio. At such time I will chat with you about your goals and objectives, listen to your voice and make recommendations.  I reserve the right to decline to admit a  student into the studio. 


Lesson Schedule

Lessons will be held weekly unless otherwise agreed upon for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.. 

Expectations of the Student 

* You are expected to be on time for your lessons online or in person. After 10 minutes your absence will be considered an unexcused cancellation and you will still be charged for the lesson. 


*Students will be expected to make physical copies of their music and put in a three  ring binder for easy access. 


*Translations are expected to be written in after receiving a new piece of music if applicable to your level.


*Students are expected to practice daily for a minimum of 30 minues for half hour lessons, 45 minutes for 45 minute lessons, and 60 minutes for hour lessons. You are required to  keep a practice journal and should have specific questions entering the lesson each week.


*Students are required to turn off all devices not needed in the lesson. Unless in an emergency student texting during lessons is prohibited.

Lesson Cancellations

*Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of time. and the lesson will be made up within two business days. If a student does not cancel the day before they are responsible for payment.


* If a student fails to meet this conditions  or is tardy beyond ten minutes the lesson will be considered an unexcused cancellation that must be paid for in full.

* I will dismiss a  student for continued absences or not practiciing. You are paying for me to train you so please respect my time and experience as there is a waitlist for my services.


*Because of the nature of each student's individual vocal situation cost is determined upon which skills are needed to address your needs. I try my best to help you afford my services.


*Students will submit payment after each lesson or monthly by check, direct deposit (Zelle), Venmo, Apple Pay or Paypal. Paypal payments will be charged a 3% surcharge. Monthly payments can be arranged.


Phone/Text: 520-329-8631


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