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Cynthia Robinshaw, MM, MS, is a clinically trained Vocologist, master level Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, Gender Affirming Voice Specialist, and Speech Trainer. I trained professionally in Boston and New York with some of the world's most accomplished and internationally known voice teachers and performers in opera and musical stage.


I performed throughout the United States and Europe early in my career until realizing that I had a passion for teaching. I taught several years before leaving the music classroom to further my education in Speech-Language Pathology in order to become a  trained Vocologist. It was in this program that I taught Speech Communications classes to undergraduate university students. My skills as a performer were sought after instructing students on performance skills in front of audIences.


I hold three degrees:  a Bachelor or Music in Applied Voice with a minor in Piano, a Master of Music Degree in Voice with a minor in Vocal Pedagogy, a Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology which is required to understand the science of the voice in order to become a Vocologist. I  also spent a great part of my career teaching K-12 and college level music classes and was a certified music teacher in Rhode Island and Connecticut where I was  a  choral specialist. My students won state, national and international awards for their performances.


I moved to Tucson, AZ to escape the snow and humidity and now enjoy working with professional and amateur singers and speakers from around the United States and enjoy every minute.

I provide a fun, encouraging, and welcoming atmosphere and accept everyone for who they truly are! Feel free to schedule a free consultation.

    Please hear a sample of Cynthia singing 
 Mozart's Alleluia
Please listen to my original composition -"Sundowning for a Long Life"
dedicated to the memory of my late mom.
A compilation of photos for student performances through the years
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