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I have been Cynthia's student since summer 2017, and my singing ability and confidence have improved greatly at that time. I had always wanted to learn to sing but had been too shy and insecure to seek out a voice teacher. I remember being very nervous  before my lesson with Cynthia, but she made me feel comfortable right away. She genuinely cares about her students and she never made me feel bad for not having formal training as an adult (I started at the age of 20). Cynthia takes the time to explain concepts and exercises  to be at a level that I can understand and she tailors every single lesson to help me reach my goals from whatever place I am at that day with my voice. My brother has since started piano lessons with Cynthia and he has nothing but great things to say about her too! I would recommend Cynthia to anyone, no matter their level of experience! 

- Linda Varela


I am a physician and wanted to improve my communication skills as English was not my primary language. I found Cynthia through a network. I got few lectures online and it was such an awesome experience. She is completely professional and awesome teacher. She is highly qualified in teaching English speaking. She helps to improve your deficiencies and really works hard to make you feel better with your speaking. The lessons were very productive and helpful. Not only can she provide a student with helpful materials, she also focuses on achieving the level of vocabulary and clarify as needed.  She was patient and attentive to my mistakes. The thing I most liked was that she understood my needs immediately.  She is just awesome and I doubt I could find anyone better that her in this field. 

- Zafar Kaleen, MD

Cynthia has been doing fantastic vocal training work with my daughter, Claire, since her very first session. Cynthia immediately determined what exactly Claire needed to work on to quickly elevate her performances and technique, and has since focused on continued growth and improvement. My daughter has specific learning and communication needs that Cynthia has met professionally with grace and ease from day one. Claire successfully auditioned for and performed with regional, state and national high school choirs, and has done very well in other performance events thanks to Cynthia’s personalized teaching strengths and deep experience. I highly recommend Cynthia!

- Carol Adams


She is a Professional and does a Great job turning out Professional Students from Her Studio.
I Highly Recommend Her to Anyone Who wants to Nurture Their Talents and Better Their Future as Singers and Musicians.

​- Facebook Review

I have known Cynthia for many years. She is professional and outstanding as a voice coach.

​- Facebook Review

Cynthia Robinshaw is not only a beautiful person but a wonderful teacher. She trained me for over seven years and and has gotten me into dozens of theatrical productions and even excepted into a summer opera program that traveled to Italy to study and perform. She taught me professionalism and how to be confident in auditions and rehearsals. She always pushed my boundaries and had me singing Italian, French, and German repertoire by the time I was 13. She began to teach me how to play the piano and how to sight read music. Her faith in my talent even at such a young age allowed me to achieve amazing things. I highly recommend any performer to study with Ms. Robinshaw because she will teach you all the skills you need to be a champion singer!

​- Facebook Review

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