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Singing  and Speech Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Voice Remediation/ Rehabilitation for Voice Disorders, Power Speaking, Gender Affirming Voice Training, and Musicianship Skills - Music Theory,  Music Reading , Sight Singing and Ear Training.

Singing/Voice Lessons

Cynthia works with beginner through seasoned professionals. Lessons cover posture, diaphragmatic breathing, breath control, vocal placement, focus, resonance, pitch, intonation, range, registration  quality, dynamics, rhythm etc., Training is available for general  vocal developmen, opera, musical theater, jazz,  pop, folk music, and song writing. Cynthia offers lessons for all voices including pubescent voice changes and transgender voice development (See Gender Affirming Voice Training on this Menu)

Voice Remediation/Rehabilitation

Cynthia offers non-surgical voice remediation / rehabilitation for voice disorders in  speakers, singers, teachers, and other professionals who rely on their voices. Cynthia has experience working with hoarseness, laryngitis, vocal edema, nodules, polyps, and Parkinson Disease, vocal fold paralysis, stroke,  ane spastic dysphonia

Power Speaking

Power Speaking trains you to speak clearly and powerfully projecting your voice to feel confident in front of an audience. Lessons include American Accent training, diction, articulation. Instruction includes diaphragmatic breathing, breath control, speed, pitch, resonance, tempo, dynamics, etc.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching includes repertoire, stage presence, concert organization and preparation, Repertoire includes Englsh, IItalian, French, German and Spanish as well as use of the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to help teach other World Languages. She also teaches  diction, articulation, character development and interpretation.

Gender Affirming Voice Training

Cynthia approaches transgender voice training through a musical/singing lens. Voice training includes finding your optimal pitch, listening to examples of speech pitch , resonance, and repetition exercises, training correct resonance for M2F or F2M voice, and  incorpporating voice quality, loudness, rhythm, stress, speed, pitch, and iintonation. You will speak effortlessly and  without tension. as voice femilization will create a more musical lip resonance whie masculinization will utilize chest resonance and limt the songlike quality fo the feminine voice.

Musicianship Skills

Cynthia includes instruction in Music Theory, Ear Training and Sight Singing for singers utilizing both  Solfege or other scale degree techniques. Lessons incorporate these musical subjects for a holistic approach to becoming a better singer or songwriter.


Olivia Gesualdi
Opera Singer Performing in her Stage Dress - Isolated on White .jpg

Cynthia is not only a beautiful person but a wonderful teacher. She trained me for over seven years and has gotten me into dozens of theatrical productions and even ace[ted into a summer opera program that traveled to Italy to study and perform. She taught me professionalism and how to be confident in auditions and rehearsals.

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